Calendly on your website

Explore examples of the three ways you can add Calendly to your website

Adding Calendly TO Your webSite

Calendly offers three options for embedding your scheduling page onto your website. When prospects, clients, or others visit your site they’ll see your Calendly page and be able to schedule with you seamlessly.

The three ways to add Calendly to your site are:

  • Our Inline Embed option that loads your Calendly scheduling page directly within your website’s content.

  • A Popup Widget that adds a floating button to your site and launches Calendly as a popup when clicked.

  • A Popup Text option that generates a link that can be placed anywhere in your content, which launches Calendly in a popup when clicked.

To see examples of these three options, browse through the examples linked above.

For more information, we’ve also created guides for adding Calendly on Squarespace, Wix, and WordPress.